PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer accepting payments through, Clickpay, Sterling or Paylease.

Paying by credit card just got easier.

Now available, pay by phone with a debit or credit card!

You now have the option to pay your rent via a toll-free phone number any time, any day. An automated attendant will walk you right through paying with your debit or credit card. With phone payments, you can be confident your rent is paid on time, and that your identity and checking account information is secure.

Here’s how it works: 

1. Pick up a payment coupon from the office or log in to your resident portal and head to the Payments page – you’ll see a button to Print a Payment Coupon.  Hang on to this for future use.  One coupon is good for as long as you live in your current home! 

2. Call the toll-free phone number on the payment coupon

3. You will be prompted for your account number, which is listed on the coupon

4. You will be provided with your current balance

5. You will be asked for your credit or debit card payment info: card number, expiration, billing zip code and amount to pay

6. You will be prompted to confirm the payment details

7. You will be provided with a confirmation number

8. You’re DONE! It’s that easy

 You can still pay online with a check through the Resident Portal. It’s easy and always FREE!

Go to your property website (Not sure what it is? Check here.) and click on the Resident Services tab. Log in to your portal and head to the payments page to set-up a one time or recurring payment.